About g4

When you inspire a creative force to shape your business, marketing & technological needs,...hire g4®.

g4, is a boutique firm with a rather unique set of services. We deliver expertise with creative ideas requiring :

  • Ω Strategic Business Growth,
  • Ω Going Public, U.S. & Europe,
  • Ω Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Ω Assist in Capital Formation
  • Ω Business Planning & 3D Presentation,
  • Ω Web Enabled Technologies & Applications
  • Ω IaaS, PaaS & SaaS Applications,
  • Ω Network Design & Management,
  • Ω Digital Media Marketing & Communications

With industry specific focus on Web 2.0, Software, Healthcare, & Information Technology sectors, serving as executive directors & officers of private and public companies, g4 team is empowered with knowledge and skill sets that surrounds you with a greater level of confidence, creativity, efficiency, & business edge.

Avoiding complex business and IT related pitfalls while visualizing realistic strategic business milestones helps one to embark on a journey of profitable opportunities. Let us show you the way!